Text to speech online

Talkie is a simple online text-to-speech tool that can make your online activities easier, more efficient, and more accessible. Whether you want to make your own website more accessible with the WordPress plugin or you want to browse hands-free or improve your language skills with the Chrome extension while you do other tasks, Talkie offers both solutions!

Text-to-Speech WordPress plugin

With the Talkie WordPress plugin, you can easily make your website more accessible to everyone, regardless of their reading ability. With this plugin, you can convert any text on your website into speech, so visitors can listen instead of read.

Talkie is easy to install and use. With just a few clicks, you can add a text-to-speech feature to any page or post on your website. Additionally, the plugin is compatible with any WordPress theme and can be customized to fit seamlessly into your website. With Talkie, you can also choose from different languages and voices, so you can address your audience in their own language.

Download the WordPress plugin here

Text-to-Speech Chrome Extension

Currently, we are working on a Chrome extension that allows you to convert any web page into speech, making the website more accessible! By selecting a text, you can have it spoken with just the click of a button. By listening instead of reading, you can focus on the content rather than the words. This can be particularly useful if you have a lot of information to process or if you have visual impairments.

Read more about the Talkie Chrome Extension

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