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Struggling to find your words? Let Talkie speak for you!

Having trouble speaking due to a medical condition, surgery, or accident? Communicate effortlessly with your surroundings thanks to Talkie, the text-to-speech (TTS) app that makes your life easier!

Talkie is a text-to-speech app that makes it easy for you to make yourself understood! The strength lies in its simplicity; with a straightforward, intuitive interface, Talkie serves as a convenient speech aid for quick communication on your smartphone or tablet.

Text to speech iPhone app   Text to speech Android app

Text to Speech Software for iOS and Android

Download Talkie now, the free text-to-speech app available for both iOS and Android phones or tablets. Choose from a wide range of male and female voices in various languages

Talkie: Free text to speech software

You can type a short message to communicate with someone else. The letters are larger than normal and can be customized as desired. With the full-screen function, you can display the text even larger. This allows the conversation partner to read the text from a distance.

With the speaker button, you can also have the text spoken in different languages, including English, German, French, Dutch and more.

Preprogrammed your own text

When you often convert the same text to speech, the soundboard is very handy. With the soundboard you can pre-program your own text or sentences, and assign a color and icon of your choice to the tile. By tapping a tile with your finger, the app will speak the text.


When you set a tile as a shortcut, the tile will appear on the Text-to-Speech screen. This allows you to easily form sentences to be spoken or show to your conversation partner. The shortcut feature will be available after the update end of the summer 2023.


‘’Amazing for people who have difficulty speaking!’’
‘’Works amazingly and is an excellent solution for a friend who can difficulty speak an infarct.’’
‘’We speech therapists are very happy with this app!!!!’’

Talkie Pro

For $9.99 per month or $99 per year, you gain access to additional features.

  • Real voices
  • Unlimited folders and tiles
  • Unlock tiles with pincode
  • Choose your home screen


Text to speech iPhone app   Text to speech Android app