Can’t type? Tap and speak preset sentences

If you’re unable to speak due to spinal cord injury, Parkinson’s, or another medical condition, Talkie is your solution!

With the soundboard, you can pre-program words or sentences you frequently use. This way, you can quickly communicate by simply tapping the tiles.

Text to speech iPhone app   Text to speech Android app

Text to Speech Software for iOS and Android

Download Talkie now, the free text-to-speech app available for both iOS and Android smartphones or tablets. Choose from a wide range of male and female voices in different languages.

Create New Tiles

Create your own tiles with just a few taps. Add a title, pick an icon, select a color, or add a photo. Make the soundboard truly yours.

Organize and Drag Folders

Sort your tiles into convenient folders, simply drag them in and out. The folders are transparent, so you always see which tiles are inside them. This way, you always quickly find what you need.

Form and Speak Sentences

Tap on tiles to create sentences. Open a folder and a popup appears at the bottom, giving you direct access to your most frequently used tiles.


‘’Amazing for people who have difficulty speaking!’’
‘’Works amazingly and is an excellent solution for a friend who can difficulty speak an infarct.’’
‘’We speech therapists are very happy with this app!!!!’’


Talkie Pro

For $9.99 per month or $99 per year, you gain access to additional features.

  • Real voices
  • Unlimited folders and tiles
  • Unlock tiles with pincode
  • Choose your home screen


Text to speech iPhone app   Text to speech Android app