Text to speech

With Talkie people can write short messages to communicate with other people. The letters are larger than usually.  The interlocutor is able to read the text from a little distance. It’s even possible to make the text even larger with the “fullscreen” icon in the top right-hand corner

With the circle speaker icon on the bottom left-hand corner it is possible to speak out the desired text aloud.

When you need to type some new text, you only need to tap on the “garbage bin” icon to rewrite.

To draw

Since Talkie 2.0 it is possible to draw things. This can be for the fun, for people who find it difficult to type or are unable to type. With the “gear” icon in the top right-hand corner you can adjust the thickness of the line. You can draw on a blank background or on a existing picture from your own picture folder.

With the save button on the top left-hand corner you can save all your creations and share them on social media. If you want to delete a drawing you can tap on the garbage bin.


You can easily create your own tiles. You only have to tap on the “plus” sign in the top left-hand corner. When you tap on one of the tiles it will speak the sentence out loud.

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