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Unlock a new dimension of communication with the Talkie Chrome Extension, specifically designed for your Chrome web browser. Whether you have difficulty speaking or simply want a more convenient way to communicate, this extension is your go-to solution. Seamlessly integrated into your browsing experience, Talkie not only provides text-to-speech capabilities but also offers translation features and customizable settings to suit your individual needs.

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Experience our Text to Speech app without leaving your web browser.

Text to Speech in Chrome

Experience seamless communication with Talkie’s Chrome Extension. A simple pop-up features a text input field where you can type what you’d like to say. Just hit ‘Speak,’ and your words come to life. To clear the text, simply use the backspace key. The extension also has a translation feature, allowing you to translate text effortlessly.

Select your favorite voice

Tailor your Talkie experience right from the pop-up settings panel. With a plethora of male and female voice options available in various languages, you can choose the one that resonates with you. Adjust the font size for readability and set the speech rate according to your preference.

Select text on the webpage

Simplify your browsing experience by having text spoken directly from web pages. Simply highlight the text you’d like to hear, right-click, and choose the option to speak. Talkie will read the text out loud, making it easier to consume content or understand foreign languages.

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