WordPress Text To Speech Plugin

Posted on 8 January 2020, 11:30 hour

With the free Talkie Text To Speech plugin can you simply add a text to speech feature to your website. You make your website accessible for users with a visual handicap. But sometime is it awesome to read aloud a blogpost. The plugin makes use of the HTML 5 Speech Synthesis from the computer, tablet or smartphone.

How to use

After install the plugin in the WordPress website can you simple use the parameters in the shortcode to set what the user can listen.

  • Lang
  • Class
  • ID
  • Btn

Set with the class or ID name which part of the website the user can listen.

[talkie class="content" lang="en-US" btn="Listen to the page"]
[talkie id="blogpost" lang="en-US" id="Listen to the post"]

Set which words the user must can listen.

[talkie lang="en-US"]Thix text must the user can listen.[/talkie]
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