New update summer 2023

Posted on 31 January 2023, 22:17 hour New update summer 2023

Behind the scenes we are not idle. We are working hard on a new version of Talkie which will be available in the summer of 2023! The new version of Talkie will make communication even easier, more convenient and faster! We are also looking at the new developments in artificial intelligence such as chatGPT, so that the text-to-speech application becomes even smarter!

New functionalities 2023

#1 Expanded list of voices
We received many comments that the list of voices was limited and no female voice could be selected in, for example, Dutch. Talkie makes use of the available voices in the iOS and Android system.

#2 Talkie Pro
With the new version, we want to focus more on professional care and introduce a revenue model so that the development costs and data usage can be paid for. Talkie Pro will cost €9.99 p/m or €99.99 per year and you can use various premium features such as lifelike voices, unlimited tiles and creating and locking maps.

#3 Real voices
A new feature that will be in the app is real voices that you can choose. The text will then be spoken fluently. This feature is part of Talkie Pro.

#4 Smaller soundboard tiles
The tiles will be slightly smaller, giving you more space for tiles where you can type in pre-programmed words or sentences. From the new version, a limited number of free tiles can be created. With Talkie Pro, you can create unlimited tiles for the soundboard.

#5 Shortcuts
New is that you can set pre-programmed words as shortcuts that appear on the text-to-speech section. This means that you don’t have to type in common words or phrases all the time.

#6 Creating folders
The tiles of the soundboard can be sorted into folders. So you can create one for Names, Breakfast and Public Transport, for example. To create unlimited folders, you need Talkie Pro.

#7 Adding photos to TTS
A picture is worth a thousand words. You can also add an accompanying photo to the text-to-speech section. For example, if you want to order coffee and a muffin in a busy airport or that Bacardi bottle behind the bartender.

#8 Drawing section is removed
The drawing section was not used very much, so we have decided to remove the drawing section from the app. Now you have two tabs at the bottom, one to the Text to Speech section and the Soundboard.

#9 Artificial intelligence
A feature that is possible thanks to AI technology is the automatic completion of texts. This allows us to complete sentences or suggest words or phrases that you only need to tap on.

#10 Lock function
Talkie Pro allows you as a facilitator to lock settings and tiles in the soundboard so that clients cannot delete or change them.

This update is planned for the summer of 2023. The date is still unknown, but you can subscribe to our newsletter below for free, which will automatically send you an e-mail.

Stay tuned for updates!
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