About us

Talkie is a text to speech application for smartphones and tablets for people who cannot (speak well). This way, they can easily make themselves understood. In addition, the app also has a speech-to-text and translation function.

The app was developed in 2016 by Erwin Oudshoorn from the Netherlands, who himself has a speech problem due to his congenital condition Lymphatic malformation. After a double jaw operation in 2016 – during which Erwin was not allowed to speak for 8-12 weeks – he built his own speech app, allowing him to still communicate with family and friends.

He himself only uses the app to type in and show to his conversation partner, but soon he decided to expand the app with a soundboard where users could pre-program words and put it on the App Store and Google Play Store so that the app could be used by a wider audience worldwide.

Talkie was well received by users and speech therapists, and he decided to further develop the app into a full-fledged product for, among others, the professional disabled care.

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